Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Hill & Knowlton Canada on board as Gold Sponsor for the 2007 Canadian Open

The 2007 CO CYCC Organizing Committee is pleased to announce Hill & Knowlton Canada as a GOLD Corporate Sponsor for the 2007 Canadian Open ChessChampionship. Hill & Knowlton is Canada 's industry leader in public relations, public affairs and strategic communications.

Wendy Cumming, Senior Vice President said that Hill & Knowlton is especially pleased to be involved the 2007 Canadian Open.

"Chess represents commitment of the individual and excellence in strategicthinking. These elements represent what webelieve as a company and what we deliver to our clients. The game of chess and our sponsorship of the 2007 Canadian Open is a natural extension of what we excel at as an organization."

The Canadian Open Chess Championship is Canada 's premier annual chessevent and attracts more than 200 players from beginners to visitingworld-class super grandmasters. The 2007 Canadian Open Chess Championship runs from July 7 to 15 in Ottawa , Canada . The Championship is run by an organizing committee of volunteers under the auspices of the ChessFederation of Canada , a charitable organization with the mandate to promote and encourage the knowledge, study and play of the game of chess. TheCanadian Open website is

About Hill & Knowlton Canada

Hill & Knowlton Canada ( ) is Canada 's leading public affairs and public relations firm specializing in government relations and corporate, crisis, consumer marketing, technology, natural resources,healthcare communications and financial and investor relations. Hill &Knowlton Canada is a recipient of Level III Certification under the National Quality Institute's Progressive Excellence Program, and a Top 100 Employerfor 2006. Its parent company, Hill & Knowlton, Inc, is a world leader inpublic relations and public affairs, with 71 offices in 40 countries, and is a member of WPP (NASDAQ: WPPGY) ( ), one of the world's largest communications services groups.


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