Sunday, April 1, 2007

Super-GM Sergey Tiviakov to play in the 2007 Canadian Open

Super-grandmaster Sergey Tiviakov, the reigning Dutch chess champion, will play in the 2007 Canadian Open Chess Championship in Ottawa in July, ensuring there will be a tussle at the top for first prize.

GM Tiviakov, 34, is very pleased that he will be making his first trip to Canada this summer. "I dreamed of visiting Canada from my early years. And what else can be dreamed of than starting a visit to the country than its capital city?" GM Tiviakov says. "I am very glad that my dream will soon come true and that I'll play in a very interesting strong tournament as well."
GM Tiviakov was born in Krasnodar in the former Soviet Union. He began his chess studies at five years of age and a few years later was studying in the school of the Former World Champion Vassily Smyslov. He began his professional chess career before he was 16, and was the World Junior Champion U-16 (1989) and U-18 (1990).

His highest rating was 2699 in the fall of 2005. His current rating is 2663.

The list of GMs playing in Ottawa also includes GM Nigel Short (2691), GM Vadim Milov (2676), GM Suat Atalik (2584), 2006 Canadian Open co-winner GM Abhijit Kunte (2527), GM Mark Bluvshtein (2520) and GM Alex Yermonlinsky (2511). More GMs will be confirmed as the Canadian Open nears.

A lover of languages and travel, GM Tiviakov speaks Russian, English, Italian, Dutch and Spanish languages. He has visited 54 countries and territories so far, and calls the Dutch city of Groningen home.

He is a keen reader of books on the paranormal, ancient civilizations, UFOs and other subjects. The 2007 Canadian Open Chess Championship will be staged in Ottawa from July 7 to 15 at the Ottawa Marriott.

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