Wednesday, May 16, 2007

2007 Canadian Open: $25,000 prize fund

The organizers of the 2007 Canadian Open Chess Championship are pleased to announce that the event's projected prize fund has been increased from $20,000 to $25,000 based on 200 paid entries.

The increase has been made possible because of the generous corporate sponsorship and donations received by the event to date. Chief among them is the support from gold sponsors Hill & Knowlton Canada and Magmic Games.

The prize fund's proposed breakdown is as follows:

Projected $25,000 prize fund based on 200 paid entries

Open: 5000, 3000, 2000, 1200, 700, 600, 500, 400

Class Prizes:

U2400: 1200, 650, 450

U2200: 1100, 600, 400

U2000: 1000, 550, 350

U1800: 850, 450, 300

U1600: 700, 350, 250

UNR: 250, 150

Special Prizes

Top Junior (18 or under) : 400, 200

Top Woman: 400, 200

Top Veteran (60 + ) : 400, 200

Biggest upset (largest difference by rating): 200

Age prizes – age determined as of July 7, 2007.

Plus: $1,000 to be awarded to players achieving the highest cumulative scores in the Canadian Open and the top section of the Quebec Open combined. Prize split TBD.

In the works are a blitz tournament with an augmented prize fund and a bughouse tournament.

The 2007 Canadian Open is to be staged from July 7 to 15 at the Ottawa Marriott. So far, more than 140 players are registered, or which roughly 120 are paid entrants.

Some important deadlines:
  • After May 31st, the entry fee of $125 CAD increases to $150 CAD. It is $175 CAD at the venue.
  • The rates at the Marriott ($89 CAD /night single /double, add $10 CAD for triple and $20 CAD for quad) are available only until June 6th, after which they increase quite steeply.
Basic event information:

MonRoi's classy site:

Online registration for the Canadian Open:

Online reservations for the Ottawa Marriott:

Players registered in the Canadian Open:

About our gold sponsors:

Hill & Knowlton Canada is Canada's industry leader in public relations,
public affairs and strategic communications. (

Magmic Games, based in Ottawa, is a leading developer and publisher of
mobile entertainment, offering a wide variety of action, sports, casino,
puzzle, and multiplayer games for BlackBerry, J2ME, Brew, and Sidekick
handsets. (