Wednesday, June 6, 2007

2007 Canadian Open: more t-shirt options

Here are more options for event t-shirts. These are courtesy of the 2007 Canadian Open's great friend, Sam of Intent Design. See anything you like? (I've asked Sam for some designs on navy backgrounds, which I think would look good.) Use the "comment" feature below to make your preference known.


Anonymous said...

Dark Blue background would be excellent, but I do like the parliament building in the background. Failing that, go for a white piece set-up.

FĂ©lix said...

The first two look best to me. I guess the second one would put more emphasis on the importance of the tournament, but it might also be more expensive. I agree with the last person about the parliament. In my opinion, you should put something typical from Canada (no moose or lumberjack please :P)and maybe you can add the sponsors logos in the back. But the sponsors part is just a suggestion.

Anonymous said...

Are Sam and the Webmaster gay lovers?